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Re: Linux users want better desktop performance (Screw data. Prioritize code)

> How about a new app: "system-config-performance"?

Or maybe system-config-sanity would be better :-).

There are so many schizophrenic conflicts in linux, it would
be nice to tame them all in one place.

Things like:

This thread talks about how the VM tuning seems to be for enterprise
use, yet at the same time the new default NetworkManager system
only works on laptops flitting about from one Starbucks to another.

The "prelinker" is enabled by default because one group of
geeks want their shared libs to load 10 nanoseconds faster
(while using 45 hours of cpu in a cron job to achieve that),
meanwhile the security geeks enable address space randomization
by default, thus insuring that everything the prelinker does
will be for naught because none of the libs will ever load
at the prelinked address.

And those are just off the top of my head - I'm sure there is
lots more insanity out there.

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