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Re: kubuntu vs fedora initrd init files

jackson byers wrote:
> being way behind the current versions,
> of course I have no idea if this is relevant to f9,f10.
> But if kubuntu present version still behaves as i said, ie no reordering
> of disks
> while fedora f9,f10 probably still does  reorder the disks,
> then my question could well be of interest to f9,f10,
> for anyone looking to use usb external installs.
> e.g., learning how kubuntu manages to not reorder.
> I do see occasional other msgs in this list from users in fc2,fc5,fc6,....
> afaik there is no list rule that we cant ask questions on unsupported
> versions.
> Correct me if I am wrong.
> the kernel version was given in my message
> I believe it came packaged in kubuntu 6.06  dapper
> Jack
To tell if Ubuntu does the same thing, you would have to do the same
type of install. The reordering of the disks is because of two
reasons. The first is because of the BIOS, and affects Grub. When
you boot from a USB device, that device becomes BIOS drive 80, or
Grub drive hd0. This is because what ever hard drive you boot from
is automatically set to BIOS drive 80. This is also true when you
tell the BIOS to boot from the second hard drive in the machine.

The other reason affects the kernel ordering. How the kernel assigns
drives depends on the module loading order. Because you have to load
the usb_storage module from the initrd, the USB drive is the first
controller scanned. (There are ways to change that, but it not
easy.) This affects any kernel, or distribution that uses modules.
You run into the same thing when you install Ubuntu to a USB drive.
That is why a USB install is only offered as an expert install.


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