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Re: qemu-kvm: qns regarding network and usb keyboard setup

2009/2/20 Kevin Kofler <kevin kofler chello at>:
> suvayu ali wrote:
>> However my arrow keys still don't work as it usually does on regular
>> consoles. I tried using it in the QEMU monitor, and it worked there.
>> So I tried this, "sendkey up" this _did_ send the up arrow signal to
>> the terminal I had opened in the GUI. So do I have to do this every
>> time? Are there other ways to set it up to make it work the way I want
>> to?
> Your keyboard is not set up correctly for the new "evdev" driver. What
> desktop environment are you using? If it's KDE, go to System Settings,
> Keyboard & Mouse and make sure the keyboard type is set to "Evdev-managed
> keyboard".
I use Gnome and Windowmaker alternatively. You suggesting my keyboard
may not be set up correctly, led me to this,


I hadn't suspected the keyboard driver to be the culprit (well ... not
exactly as per the bug report its kvm) as everything is working
perfectly on the host. Even the media keys are working as its supposed
to. Thanks for the pointer. :)


Open source is the future. It sets us free.

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