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Dmaged xterm in Fedora 10

This has to be a well known problem, since it has occurred in both fc9 and 
When using XTERMS under the TWM window manager in fc9 and fc10 there is
garbage in the window, but my searches with GOOGLE have not turned up anything.

If one opens one window, fine.
If one opens a second window that overlaps the first window fine.
But when one MOVES the top window, it takes with it blue and yellow lines from
where the edges of the underlying window were.

Now a 'clear' will clean up most of these lines,- at least the lines in the
interior of the window, but it leaves the marks on the edges.
This should not be necessary.

So, this appears to be more of an X11 problem than an actual Fedora problem,
any idea when its going to be fixed?  
Or are there fixes out there (somewhere)?

And yes, twm is an OLD window manager, but its light weight and works fine for
my applications.

                                        reg dwf com

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