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Re: font problem in Fedora 10/Thunderbird

On Wed, 2009-02-18 at 19:21 -0700, Robert Singleton wrote:
> I just installed Fedora 10 (from FC7) on a Toshiba laptop. When reading 
> email in Thunderbird, the fonts now look rather weak and frail and are 
> rather hard to read. When composing email the fonts are just fine. This 
> is probably pretty simple to fix, but I've looked on FAQ's high and low 
> and can't find the problem. Also, I have tried changing settings in 
> Edit>Preferences>Display, and this too does not work.  If this post is 
> off topic (i.e. a thunderbird post) then my apologies. Thanks in advance 
> for any help you can provide.

Thunderbird is a Gnome application so you could try playing with the
Gnome font settings. For example, under Fonts you can try different
kinds of rendering and smoothing. I've found that these can make a
significant difference.

If you're using KDE, you can still do this by running
gnome-control-center and selecting the Appearance icon under Look and
Feel, then the Fonts tab.


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