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Re: Disabling mouse taps on Fedora 10 (solved)

Bill Davidsen wrote:

> I'm a lot more unhappy with leaving out the ability to do that. If
> system-config-display is at least installed the user has the tool, and
> doesn't need to install from command line. Not creating xorg.conf is
> reasonable, but if it doesn't work and you need xorg.conf you always
> need the tool.

from the CLI (since no X)

X -configure

> If there is a way to use bugzilla without X for a browser, I bet fewer
> than 1% of all users know what it is. And not everyone has a second
> system to use.

> I'm not just making a point here, but I think you need an entry in
> xorg.conf. I haven't done that since about X11R5 or so, but I think the
> option was something like "ViewPort" which was the physical (display)
> window size. I could be misremembering, that might be the virtual size,
> but it gives you somewhere to look. Do let us know if you find it.



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