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RPM Fusion needs a maintainer for the package madwifi in F11 and later

Attached mail FYI -- if you want to step us as maintainer for madwifi please contact me (existing Fedora contributors or maintainers with existing packaging skills would be ideal for the job). Madwifi will be dropped from RPM Fusion for F11 and later if no one steps up to maintain it. Feel free to forward this mail to other channels if you think it makes sense to do so.

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As state here (1):

I'm not going to spend time anymore on madwifi.
I do think that with kernel 2.6.29 nearing, the inkernel ath5k/ath9k
will extends all functions that was present previously in madwifi.

If you think that it is still usefull to maintain madwifi, specially on
Fedora 11. (Fedora 10 version should probably be kept for compatibility
reason), you can explain your point of view here, but bugreport on
ath5k/ath9k should be made.

If you want to maintain madwifi in rpmfusion-nonfree please publish an
updated spec file. In the bugreport (1)

If there is no valid maintainer of madwifi before F11 GA, we could
consider madwifi as Obsoleted. But we need to keep in mind that previous
talks state that if a fedora package will extend the feature of a
package present in rpmfusion, there is no reason to keep the rpmfusion
one. That was to prevent openmotif or java-sun (against lesstif or
java-openjdk) to be introducted within the repository.

Nicolas (kwizart)

(1) https://bugzilla.rpmfusion.org/show_bug.cgi?id=315

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