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Re: MCE Remote Control

On Sat, 2009-02-21 at 20:56 -0800, john wendel wrote:
> I got a cheap MCE remote control (usb interface), and thought I'd give 
> it a try. After reading the lirc documentation, my brain exploded, so I 
> thought I'd just plug the sucker in and see what happened.
> Well, what happened is that the keyboard stopped working along with the 
> mouse buttons. So, I stopped X and plugged the receiver in. Now I could 
> see that some devices got created in /dev/input, namely "event4", 
> "event5", and "mouse1". Doing lsusb showed me that two new usb devices 
> existed, a HID keyboard, and a HID mouse.
> So, can someone give me a clue as to how to proceed in getting this 
> thing to be useful?

lirc can be tough to nut out at first- but keep persisting. Try and
follow the setup instructions and see how it goes from there. You need
to tell lirc what each button (or more precisely its keycode signal) is
supposed to do (provide a name, that is).

Then you need to create a conf file with instructions on what to do when
the buttons are pressed: the trick here is that there are "mode"s that
you can use. Press say the tv button and lirc is supposed to enter a
mode that pressing any button on the remote will only do "tv" things (if
thats how you decide to set it up). The tricky part comes in that when
you call a program from the previous mode and enter a new mode the
program stays in the old mode.... happy trails! Use the exec program for
lirc and external "remote" programs can help to bypass this, outside of
that I haven't a clue :)

Unfortunately, it may be the case that this "remote" may not be a
remote; and so you might need to get into keycodes and such in your
desktop system. lirc only works for infrared signals, not radio. So
maybe you might need to do some more research on google, or just hack it
as you see fit and hope for the best- as long as your keyboard and mouse
still work?

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