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Re: Extending Expiration Date of an Already-Expired GPG Key

Tim wrote:
> Ed Greshko:
>> Don't know....but the expiry date of the key imported is 2/21/2010 so
>> I think it is the latest incantation.
> Have a look at what's said about the signatures when you query gpg
> directly, or via one of the key managers.  It'll probably be more
> revealing than the messages passed along by a mail client.
That info came from the OpenPGP key management gui....

[egreshko misty Jia-Ying]$ gpg --list-sigs cochranb speakeasy net
pub   1024D/C2C60518 2008-01-19 [expires: 2010-02-21]
uid                  Robert L. Cochran (Greenbelt) <cochranb speakeasy net>
sig          31014A12 2008-02-14  [User ID not found]
sig 3        C2C60518 2009-02-21  Robert L. Cochran (Greenbelt)
<cochranb speakeasy net>
sig 3        C2C60518 2008-01-19  Robert L. Cochran (Greenbelt)
<cochranb speakeasy net>
sig       X  CA57AD7C 2008-02-03  [User ID not found]

> I'm lucky the spam is low, but it still pisses me off.  We get a lot of
> junk in the postbox, too.  And, if you get the newspaper, you get the
> same thing inserted inside it.  It filled a rather large box up one
> Christmas, I was sorely tempted to take the box to one of the department
> stores responsible for most of it, and dump it on them.  These days I
> stuff torn up junk mail in those reply paid envelopes, and send junk
> mail to another junk mailer.
> The phone spam is the worst.  It interrupts what you're doing, and now
> they're getting rude at people who don't go along with them.  I got
> really mad at one of them, swore quite profusely at them for wasting my
> time, lying to me, and threatened them with more foul language if they
> ever rang back.  Then looked up to see my mother and sister looking
> quite shocked at me.  I'd forgotten I wasn't alone in the room.  ;-)
I am 100% sure I get phone spam....  Too bad it is all in Chinese and I
don't understand it.
"I'm sorry, can you speak English?"....CLICK!

Where there's no emotion, there's no motive for violence. -- Spock,
"Dagger of the Mind", stardate 2715.1 Mei-Mei Greshko greshko com

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