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Re: F-10 xmodmap/xkeycaps problem -

On Sunday, Feb 22nd 2009 at 11:52 -0000, quoth Kevin Kofler:

=>Bob Goodwin wrote:
=>> Can anyone tell me why xmodmap and xkeycaps
=>> do not work in F-10 as they do in F-9?
=>Because Fedora 10 switched to evdev as the default keyboard driver.

I'm not sure why you think it doesn't work. I'm one of those people, 
increasingly rare, who grew up on a Sun keyboard, and I simply must have 
my capslock and ctrl keys switched on a pc keyboard. I generated a file 
for use by xmodmap using xkeycaps and then I added 

518 > cat swapcaps.sh 
#! /bin/bash
xmodmap .xmodmap-saturn.syslang.net
519 > 

to my ~/.kde/Autostart

Works great.

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