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Upgraded to F10, (& Kjot disappeared)

Hi All,

Well, I bit the bullet & used preupgrade to move my F9 to F10. The only "major" disappointment was that I had to start making space in various areas - which are separate partitions on my box - well into the process. IMHO, it would have been "nice" if preupgrade could have given a warning before starting that it would need big spaces in certain areas. According to the blurb, using preupgrade would mean that my system remained usable during the upgrade, but in my case - probably because I didn't make enough space available in /boot - it went through an install cycle of some 450 packages, followed by an update cycle of some 800 packages.... some 3 hours worth of very unusable system (at least I could read a book while it was worgling away ;-) .

So I now seem to have a working F10 system, so far, I've not discovered anything major to moan about. However, I had just started using Kjot under F9, which seemed to be a useful gubbins..... and now in F10 it seems to have vanished. Anyone know where kjot might be hidden (or how I can get the old version back into service)??

Thanks all


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