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Re: KDE 4.2 requires local MySQL Server

Mark Haney wrote:
Martín Marqués wrote:
2009/2/16 Mark Haney <mhaney ercbroadband org>:
Martín Marqués wrote:
2009/2/16 Arthur Pemberton <pemboa gmail com>:
On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 11:13 AM, Martín Marqués
<martin marques gmail com> wrote:
IMHO, this is the beginning of the end of KDE
Because some portions of it require a free database engine? Seriously?
Not becuase of that. Because it's starting to use resources which are
totally unnecesary. It's starting to look like the Linux Vista: Nice,
but useless.

What part of KDE requires MySQL server?  None that I am aware of. But
then I build my own from source and not rely on these asinine package
dependencies from binary packages.  There are NO KDE components that
/require/ MySQL.  You can' specify database support, but it's not required.
Please, enlight me. How can akonadi work without a mysql instance?


BTW, is there a way to disable akonadi and still work with KDE destop?

And yes akonadi does require MySWL, but KDE 4.2 does NOT require
akonadi.  So my point is still very valid.

I have been away for a week and during that week I upgraded my home system to KDE 4.2 and found that it installed Akonadi and now I get error messages every time I log in. I have been to busy to look at this though.

On the other hand. KDE 4.2 does require Akonadi. Try to remove it from your system. It cannot be removed without removing KDE 4.2. I just tried. :(

On my work system, Akonadi has not run. On my home system, I get error messages flash up but they disappear before I get a chance to read them. Some info box with a bunch of check marks. It needs some kind of acknowledgement before it closes.

I removed Beagle when I tried gnome and as soon as I can, I will remove Akonadi.

Robin Laing

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