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Re: current state of ati graphics

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Ian Malone wrote:
Since AMD have apparently released the specs needed to write an open
driver for them I thought it might be worth supporting them this time
around, but I'm not sure what the current state of ATI support looks like.

For the Free Software drivers (i.e. NOT the proprietary fglrx):

In short, r1xx up to r5xx series are now supported with 2D (XRender) and 3D
(OpenGL) acceleration. In marketing names, that's up to X1950 (rule of
thumb: if it doesn't have "HD" in it, it should be supported - the HD*
models (r6xx/r7xx) and the X2300 HD which appears to be some sort of hybrid
between the r5xx architecture and some r6xx or r7xx one are not supported).

Where do the Mobility Radeon's (like my M56P [X1600]) fall in this description?

        Kevin Kofler

Kevin J. Cummings
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