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Re: No .gnupg Directory On Fedora 10

Robert L Cochran wrote:
> I just noticed that I do not yet have a .gnupg directory on my
> Fedora 10 system. I haven't tried to create a gpg keyring on it yet.
> I want to migrate sensibly from a Fedora 7 system to a separate
> Fedora 10 system.  Can I go ahead and copy the .gnupg directory from
> the old system to the new one? Or should I attempt to create a fresh
> .gnupg directory on the Fedora 10 system and selectively copy
> elements of the .gnupg directory from the old system?

You should be fine to copy your ~/.gnupg dir from Fedora 7 to Fedora

The .gnupg dir is created by gpg the first time you run it, so it
generally won't exist on a fresh install.  As Tim mentioned in another
thread, you may want to check if there are any differences between
your existing ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf and what gpg would currently create.

The stock gpg.conf file is at /usr/share/gnupg/gpg-conf.skel.  You
could copy your ~/.gnupg dir and then use diff to see if there were
any new settings you wished to copy from the stock config into yours.

I'd compare the files with something like this:

$ diff -u ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf /usr/share/gnupg/gpg-conf.skel | vi -

Replace with your preferred file comparison method. :)

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