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2nd try: Was Firewall problem: Only works on a restart.

On Sunday, Feb 8th 2009 at 16:02 -0000, quoth Steven W. Orr:

=>I have a minor mystery and I don't know how to debug it.
=>I have two computers in the house. Machine A has two NICS, one of which is
=>hooked to the cable modem and sees the outside world. Also, Machine A
=>implements the IPTABLES firewall with NAT. Machine B and Machine A's 2nd NIC
=>are hooked up to a little hub. Ever since I upgraded to F10, I notice that
=>Machine B can't see the outside world unless I restart the firewall. And just
=>to make it interesting,
=>iptables -L > before
=>restart the firewall
=>iptables -L > after
=>diff before after
=>result is no difference
=>I'm wide open to a suggestion on how to fix this. And please don't tell me to
=>restart the firewall in rc.local. ;-)

Same problem, but this time, I'll try to supply more info.

Machine A: F10,, eth0 is running dhclient, 
eth1 is a static address.

Machine B: (not that it matters) is F8

Diff of iptables before and after is the same.
Diff of lsmod before and after is the same.
eth1 is connected to the hub and is brought up at boot.
I put a copy of my firewall at http://steveo.syslang.net/ipt.txt

After a fresh boot, Machine B can't see the outside but can see A. Also, A 
can see B. Then a restart of the firewall causes B to be able to see the 
outside world.

I am not using NetwortManager for either nics. This is a server, not a 

Any ideas?

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