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Re: Remote desktop connection (F10)

On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 10:10 AM, David Hláčik <david hlacik eu> wrote:
> Hello guys,
> I've seen recet discussion about nomachine remote server/client.
> I would like to have a remote desktop connection to my fedora 10
> server, which the most effective user feeling as if I was working on
> keyboard and lcd attached to server.
> To compare, I am looking exactly for the same as microsoft remote
> desktop connection and microsoft services terminal (mstsc).
> What I like the most is XDMCP connection, which I am using a lot
> currectly. But this has a big disadvantage, after I will close
> connection, session is lost, and I am not able to login to current
> session (loged user) again.
> Please help,
> many thanks
> David Hlacik

Why did you resubmit the question? Not nice. Others had replied already.

Here's a piece of the puzzle;
On the Remote Desktop (the machine you want to connect to) there has to
be an application to manage incoming connections.
In F10, install the kdenetwork package, which includes the krfb binary.
To launch execute /usr/bin/krfb, or
go to Start->Applications->Internet->Remote Desktop Sharing

Consider using putty if you will connect from a wndows box.
Look into tsclient or vncviewer if coming from a linux box.

now, launch your browser a search a bit more.

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