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Re: gvim with Gnome hangs when maximising

Around 07:59pm on Tuesday, February 24, 2009 (UK time), Todd Zullinger scrawled:

> Steve Searle wrote:
> > On Fedora 10 running Gnome, when I am usin gvim, if I maximise the
> > window it (gvim) freezes and I have to kill it off.  This does not
> > happen when I switch to KDE or XFCE.  Does anyone know how to
> > resolve this problem?
> Hmm,I can at least tell you that this doesn't happen for me.  So it
> seems like it may be system or user related.  Does it happen if you
> create a new user?  Or on the live cd or other systems?

Good call - it doesn't happen when I create a new user.  I've just
deleted my .viminfo file and it seems OK now.



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