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Re: Has anybody else been experiencing problems with F10 hanging?

Kevin Martin writes:

I'm getting some strange things happening on F10 lately.  In a terminal
session if I "ps -ef" or "w" or "ls" or anything of that nature the
command runs (sometimes) but never returns the prompt.  Also, my loadavg
seems to go sky high but  "top" doesn't necessarily show anything using
much CPU (actually, top will often show that  my cpu utilization is 90+%
idle while my loadavg is upwards of 10).  I can usually shutdown my
"gui"fied apps (like Thunderbird, Firefox, VirtualBox) but if I try and
reboot the reboot hangs while trying to shutdown "automount" and I have
to cycle the power on the box.  I'm running the latest updates including
kernel  Any thoughts or suggestions are

Stuff like that usually indicates a kernel bug. Try rolling back to an earlier kernel, and see if it helps.

Perhaps a similar kernel bug that nailed me on one of my x86_64 servers has now migrated to i686 land. On one of my servers, was the first kernel that could actually survive under load. Earlier kernels kept falling apart on me, with processes getting stuck in permanent TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE states, which prevented me from updating to F10 from F9. That was barrels of laughs to deal with.

Roll back to an earlier kernel, then just keep trying new kernels as they become released, and cross your fingers.

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