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Re: Has anybody else been experiencing problems with F10 hanging?

On Tue, 2009-02-24 at 17:29 -0600, Kevin Martin wrote:
> I'm getting some strange things happening on F10 lately.  In a terminal
> session if I "ps -ef" or "w" or "ls" or anything of that nature the
> command runs (sometimes) but never returns the prompt.  Also, my loadavg
> seems to go sky high but  "top" doesn't necessarily show anything using
> much CPU (actually, top will often show that  my cpu utilization is 90+%
> idle while my loadavg is upwards of 10).  I can usually shutdown my
> "gui"fied apps (like Thunderbird, Firefox, VirtualBox) but if I try and
> reboot the reboot hangs while trying to shutdown "automount" and I have
> to cycle the power on the box.  I'm running the latest updates including
> kernel  Any thoughts or suggestions are
> appreciated.

Does this happen all the time? If not, do you have any hard mounts from
NFS servers?

If it does happen all the time, try "strace ps -ef" and watch the


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