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Re: RHN Trial Subscription Wanted for 30 days

Paul Ward wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to do some practising on subscribing to channels and
> patching via up2date on rhel4, 3 and 2
> Does any one know how I can get a 30 day trail to do this so I can
> subscribe.( I am a RHCT if it helps?)
> I did have some numbers from the course I went on a long time ago and
> never used, but can not get to them for several more months as I am
> away.
> If it is possible to do up2date in Centos I would consider but really
> wanted RHEL for screenshots.
> Cheers.
Did you consider going to www.redhat.com?

A few seconds of looking around got me to .... 

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