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Re: ATI (Chipped) Graphic Card Pre-Purchase Advise?

2009/2/24 Frank Murphy <frankly3d fedoraproject org>:
> http://www.komplett.ie/k/ki.aspx?sku=404841&view=detailed#ProductTabs
> Am thinking of his for my graphics\rendering box.
> How would this work in with F11+ with re. driver support.
I use a HD4870 1GB with fglrx drivers packaged by rpmfusion. I don't
use compiz or desktop effects, but I did turn on desktop effect a few
times (to just check or show off to windowze friends). It worked fine
enough. I also play some first person shooter games like Enemy
Territory, Nexuiz or OpenArena with no problems. However I have been
unable to run the game I bought this card for, Enemy Territory: Quake

The proprietary drivers can at times be very buggy but if you get it
to work, the cards are worth it. I say that as almost nothing can beat
them in performance on my windows install (I dual boot F10 x86_64 & XP
x64). I am hoping the fglrx drivers will catch up to their windows
counter parts in the coming months. I say this because I got a HD4850
to work almost flawlessly on Ubuntu Hardy Heron at work. Good luck.


Open source is the future. It sets us free.

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