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Re: I need copy of fedora linux in DVD form -reg

Matthew Flaschen wrote:
Ed Greshko wrote:
Matthew Flaschen wrote:
Senthil Kumar wrote:
Respected sir/madam, I am working as a lecturer in a reputed
engineering college.
Well, as long as its a *reputed* engineering college head over to
.  Just make sure not to tell the upstart schools nobody's heard of.

Sri Vasavi College is known in India.  You should try visiting it is

I'd love to if I had a chance.  I didn't say it wasn't a good school.
But Senthil's comment was fairly ridiculous, particularly when you
consider what Robert said.

Matt Flaschen

Since when being formal and polite is ridiculous. You may want to consider cultural diversity before replying with what could be construed as offensive comments. While no harm was intended as such it's probably not showing great social acumen to publicly comment on whether one's comments are of the ridiculous sort or not...
my .02 cents

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