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Re: I need copy of fedora linux in DVD form -reg

On Wed, 25 Feb 2009, Ed Greshko wrote:

> I tend not to make assumptions about people's situation.  I see that
> Suvayu has just educated the list on the state of affairs of some
> ISPs and universities in India.
> I feel that what Robert said was uncalled for.  In some cultures it
> isn't uncommon to announce ones station in life as a source of
> pride.  Besides, it has always been bad form to point out grammar
> and spelling errors of people who are not native English speakers.

  since people appear to be taking my name in vain, a quick recap if
we could.  the OP wrote:

>  I am working as a lecturer in a reputed engineering college. I am
> handling computer networks for Electronics and Communication
> Engineering students for this semester. In order to contact networks
> lab i need a open source linux OS. Manyof them preferring fedora, I
> wish to work on fedora linux. It is very very difficult for me to
> download form the website directly. Please send me a copy of federo
> linux to my following office address:

  to which i replied (quite reasonably, i thought):

> not to make light of this, but how is it that you are "handling
> computer networks" in a "reputed engineering college" and are unable
> to download a copy of fedora?  that just seems weird.

  there was absolutely no reference to country, race or ethnic origin
in how i responded.  and there was no nitpicking pedantry regarding
grammar or spelling.  it was (i thought) a perfectly logical
puzzlement as to how someone who claims to be competent at networking
at a reputable engineering college claimed to be unable to download a
DVD image.  i did not mock, i did not satirize, i simply found that
passing strange, and i would have found it similarly strange if the OP
was posting from india, new york or alberta.

  and some of you folks who immediately went full-metal politically
correct might want to chill out just a little bit.  there are enough
*real* racism and bigotry problems out there without some of you
having to invent them out of whole cloth.


Robert P. J. Day
Linux Consulting, Training and Annoying Kernel Pedantry:
    Have classroom, will lecture.

http://crashcourse.ca                          Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA

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