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Re: Any Netbook Kernels

Alex Bennee wrote:
Does anyone in the Fedora project package kernels for any of the
netbooks (or failing that the latest vanilla kernel)? My Samsung NC-10
has a few minor issues with keys that are fixed in the latest vanilla

As kernel compiles take a while on a Netbook and I don't have any
other RPM systems to build on I was wondering if I could save a long
compile :)

On another topic has anyone managed to successfully create a kernel
git tree that reflects an RPM based kernel? I'm playing with rpm2git
at the moment but I haven't managed to get it to work for a kernel RPM

there have been custom kernels made for the acer aspire one (which as far as i know has much the same hardware as the NC-10) for ubuntu, i know you are trying to avoid compiling but you can get the kernel spec from here>> http://www.aspireonekernel.com/ and use it, as far as custom kernels for fedora, well i'm working on one based on the 2.6.29-0.43.rc6.fc10.i686 kernel from koji but i'm not finished yet.

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