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Re: I need copy of fedora linux in DVD form -reg

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Feb 2009, Ed Greshko wrote:
>> I tend not to make assumptions about people's situation.  I see that
>> Suvayu has just educated the list on the state of affairs of some
>> ISPs and universities in India.
>> I feel that what Robert said was uncalled for.  In some cultures it
>> isn't uncommon to announce ones station in life as a source of
>> pride.  Besides, it has always been bad form to point out grammar
>> and spelling errors of people who are not native English speakers.
>   since people appear to be taking my name in vain, a quick recap if
> we could.  the OP wrote:
>>  I am working as a lecturer in a reputed engineering college. I am
>> handling computer networks for Electronics and Communication
>> Engineering students for this semester. In order to contact networks
>> lab i need a open source linux OS. Manyof them preferring fedora, I
>> wish to work on fedora linux. It is very very difficult for me to
>> download form the website directly. Please send me a copy of federo
>> linux to my following office address:
>   to which i replied (quite reasonably, i thought):
>> not to make light of this, but how is it that you are "handling
>> computer networks" in a "reputed engineering college" and are unable
>> to download a copy of fedora?  that just seems weird.
>   there was absolutely no reference to country, race or ethnic origin
> in how i responded.  and there was no nitpicking pedantry regarding
> grammar or spelling.  it was (i thought) a perfectly logical
> puzzlement as to how someone who claims to be competent at networking
> at a reputable engineering college claimed to be unable to download a
> DVD image.  i did not mock, i did not satirize, i simply found that
> passing strange, and i would have found it similarly strange if the OP
> was posting from india, new york or alberta.
>   and some of you folks who immediately went full-metal politically
> correct might want to chill out just a little bit.  there are enough
> *real* racism and bigotry problems out there without some of you
> having to invent them out of whole cloth.
Sorry for being unclear.....  Didn't intend to imply that your comments
were racist, merely thoughtless.

I still feel that what you said was unnecessary and it would matter not
who the OP was....  A fellow made a request and embellished the
request.  I think it would be better to either help or not....and not
express puzzlement.  It almost seems as if the OP needs to now justify
his request.

That is not to say that if the same OP didn't ask a question that could
easily be found by Google that I may not throw in a sarcastic remark
when giving the answer....but I would at least give the answer.

Maybe....had you gone the extra step and given an answer as opposed to
raising questions it would have made a difference in people's reactions?

Sorry to ruffle your feathers.....

"There... I've run rings 'round you logically" -- Monty Python's Flying
Circus Mei-Mei Greshko greshko com

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