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Re: I need copy of fedora linux in DVD form -reg

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
On Tue, 24 Feb 2009, Senthil Kumar wrote:

Respected sir/madam,

 I am working as a lecturer in a reputed engineering college. I am
handling computer networks for Electronics and Communication
Engineering students for this semester. In order to contact networks
lab i need a open source linux OS. Manyof them preferring fedora, I
wish to work on fedora linux. It is very very difficult for me to
download form the website directly. Please send me a copy of federo
linux to my following office address:

  not to make light of this, but how is it that you are "handling
computer networks" in a "reputed engineering college" and are unable
to download a copy of fedora?  that just seems weird.

Very likely just a matter of being on a low bandwidth connection. Not very uncommon in India even for educational institutions.


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