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Re: printout sending control codes to the console?

On 02/24/2009 07:53 PM, Konstantin Svist wrote:
I have a script which prints out some data to the terminal, which I keep
in a screen session.
Often times I see indecipherable characters printed out and the output
freezes - I'm guessing some control code is being triggered from the
Is there a way to prevent this?

ASCII contains a number of control codes. One of these is XOFF (stop output or control-S) and another is XON (resume output or control Q). Basically the C function isprint(3) tests if a character is printable (in C). I'm sure there are similar functions available to Perl and other scripting languages. Or you can simply test the value of a character. If it is < 0x20 it is a control character.

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