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FC10 Boot issue


I have an Asus M2N-E with 2 sata drives attached. Sata1 is a western digital 250GB and Sata2 is a seagate 80GB. I have the latest bios update installed. I am dual-booting Fedora Core 10 and windows Vista.

Whenever I turn off the computer overnight, the sata boot sequence set to sata1 ( the western digital 250GB ) switches to sata2, resulting in a boot error since it cannot find grub. I have to enter the bios and switch the sequence from sata2 to sata1, and then everything works fine.

If I switch the computer off for only a few minutes, the bios retains the setting and everything works properly. It only seems to switch sata drive sequence if left off overnight. None of the other bios settings are affected.

I know this sounds stupid, but could the grub boot manager be affecting the bios in some way? Any input would be appreciated!


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