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Re: How do I play this link ?

On Wed, 2009-02-25 at 18:47 -0700, Linuxguy123 wrote:
> The mplayer application never appeared.  How do I fix this ?

"mplayer" is command line.  Something-else-mplayer would include a GUI.

Did you wait long enough for some data to download before it started
playing?  Some servers are slow, some routes are crappy, and it needs a
certain amount buffered before playback starts.

You might need the additional codecs, I'd expect that with something
like Real Media.  The extra codecs that I have were downloaded from the
mplayer website, itself.  It's the package for Linux, not the package
for Windows.  Those packages are to do with the system you're installing
on, not the types of files you want to play.

Mine are installed in:  /usr/local/lib/win32/

Other players, like VLC, already come with a pile of codecs.  I've found
the command line version of mplayer to be the most able of playing
everything, and without being a large system drain, and to give the best
clues about things when it doesn't work.

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

Don't send private replies to my address, the mailbox is ignored.  I
read messages from the public lists.

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