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Re: F10: sound vanishing after some time (Dell E6500)

Hello Frank,

On Thu, 26 Feb 2009 12:34:24 -0600 Frank Cox <theatre sasktel net> wrote:

> On Thu, 26 Feb 2009 09:45:28 +0100
> wwp wrote:
> > not sure it is pulseaudio to blame yet (and again), maybe simply an
> > Alsa bug or incompatibility. I've recently installed Fedora 10 on a
> > brand new Dell Latitude E6500 laptop.
> > 
> > Few hours after the system has booted (an unpredictable amount of time)
> > sounds are simply not playing anymore - tried w/ apps, aplay, mplayer.
> > 
> > Did somebody experience the same? Or any clue where to investigate or
> > find a fix?
> I too occasionally lose my sound on Fedora 10.  The solution that I've found is
> as follows.
> First, use this command to find out if something is blocking the sound:
> fuser -v /dev/snd/* /dev/dsp*
> If you see a problem you can use a kill command to get rid of the task that's
> causing the problem.
> To restart pulseaudio use this command:
> pulseaudio -k ; pulseaudio -D --log-target=syslog
> This gets the sound back for me every time that I've lost it, so far anyway.

Yes I've read your previous post about it in the fedora users ML
archives. Unfortunately, this doesn't fix it here.



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