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Re: F10 Dependency Problems - Nvidia Drivers

Charlie McVeigh wrote:
The last 3 waves of updates for F10 have all started causing me
dependency problems with regard to
my nvidia video drivers.  I am not sure whats up but I was wondering
if someone far more enlightened
than me could help me with my current upgrade SNAFU.  I have waited a
couple of days to see it this
problem disappears due to repository syncing issues, but it has not.

When doing a yum update I am getting the following error message:

Transaction Check Error:
file /lib/modules/
from install of
conflicts with file from package

Here are my repos:

$ yum repolist
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, fedorakmod, kernel-module, priorities, refresh-
              : packagekit
repo id                   repo name                              status
adobe                     Adobe Systems Incorporated             enabled:     17
atrpms                    ATrpms - x86_64 - Stable               enabled:    626
fedora                    Fedora 10 - x86_64                     enabled: 14,303
jpackage5                 JPackage 5.0 (Generic)                 enabled:  2,787
jpackage5-nonfree         JPackage 5.0 (Non-Free)                enabled:     15
kde-redhat                KDE-Redhat: Fedora-Specific            enabled:      0
kde-redhat-all            KDE-Redhat: General Packages           enabled:    289
livna                     rpm.livna.org for 10 - x86_64          enabled:      3
planetccrma               Planet CCRMA 10 - x86_64               enabled:    331
planetcore                Planet CCRMA Core 10 - x86_64          enabled:     43
rpmfusion-free            RPM Fusion for Fedora 10 - Free        enabled:    356
rpmfusion-free-updates    RPM Fusion for Fedora 10 - Free - Upda enabled:    295
rpmfusion-nonfree         RPM Fusion for Fedora 10 - Nonfree     enabled:    137
rpmfusion-nonfree-updates RPM Fusion for Fedora 10 - Nonfree - U enabled:    167
skype                     Skype Repository                       enabled:      1
updates                   Fedora 10 - x86_64 - Updates           enabled:  4,560
repolist: 23,930

Any ideas on how to get past this issue?  Thanks in advance for any
and all help.


I have gotten around the conflict by removing the rpm and then reinstalling it. I did like the kmod version of the nvidia driver but have not had success with the akmod version so back to the regular module.

Are both modules coming from rpmfusion? Just curious because I cannot see a problem if they are coming from the same repository. I ask this as I have not had any issues with the nvidia driver lately.

Robin Laing

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