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Re: has K3B been abandoned?

bennett78 wrote:
I hope it's still supported...It recognizes my CD & DVD-R runs great on
CentOS5 (close to RHEL5)
# uname -r
and puts a Blank DVD-R Dicc icon on the Desktop

I trying to get MongoArchive to backup my new, clean installation but it's
wimmy scripts can't find my DVD drive, because it looks like it doesn't show up in a grep of the mount command or a mount on /mnt/cdrom and is not auto-mounted. My /etc/fstab: # /dev/hdc /media/cdrom auto pamconsole,fscontext=system_u:object_r:removable_t,exec,noauto,managed 0 0 /dev/hdd /media/cdrecorder auto pamconsole,fscontext=system_u:object_r:removable_t,exec,noauto,managed 0 0

How does K3B find the DVD drive in my case /dev/hdd?


I used k3b last night on F10. Only one issue and that is a reported upstream bug with verify and auto-eject. It seems that k3b isn't waiting until the disk is settled before trying to access it with some burners.

A disk isn't mounted when it is inserted if it is blank. In KDE, I get asked what to do with a full disk. Last night I was playing with burning and to test the DVD image, I ended up using /dev/sr0.

Robin Laing

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