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Re: Mount added drive -

Bob Goodwin wrote:
> Now I'm in deeper trouble!
> I thought I would simply use fdisk to rewrite the partition on /dev/sdb
> which it happily did.  But now when I do mkfs -t ext3 /dev/sdb1  it
> protests
> that "/dev/sdb1 is apparently in use by the system; will not make a
> filesystem here!"
> umount /dev/sdb1 says it's not mounted?
> Now I'm stuck.  The simplest thing would be to reinstall the system but
> bandwidth for updates is killing me.  Wildblue is a satellite service and
> I'm limited to 17 Gigs/30 days.  I hate to keep burning up my bw.
> How can I access /dev/sdb1.  I have no rescue disk, installed from the
> live cd.
> Bob
The reason it shows as being in use is because you have an active
logical group on it. You have to deactivate VolGroup01/LogVol02
before you can do anything else with /dev/sdb1. You can use Logical
Volume Management to do this as well.


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