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Re: Fedora 10 64-bit & Wired Network Problems - New Problem

On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 11:57 AM, Rick Bilonick <rab nauticom net> wrote:
> I had to install this.

And please, don't short-circuit the diagnose like that.  When I ask
for specific command output, its not a rhetorical question. I want
that command output, I don't want you to interpret or act on it. I
don't want you to go and try to fix anything on your own. I need
system tool output because the system tool output to diagnose what
your system state is. Human language isn't going to cut it, human
interpretation of the output isnt going to cut it. To get an accurate
picture, I need system tool output exactly as I have requested.

You need to understand, in a lot of cases like this, its a local user
action initiated issue.
People will get into these sort of messes because they don't
understand the implications of their actions.  That's OKAY....mistakes
happen...people aren't perfect..the computer tools they produce aren't
perfect...the only things which intuitively understand computers are
other computers...and skynet isn't here yet to take all the
frustration away.

As soon as you get to the point where your system is messed up enough
where you can't figure out how to fix it on your own and  need to ask
for help.. you need to follow the instructions you are given. Every
subsequent action you take could further distort the state of your
system causing more problems simply because you don't know what you
are doing. You have to be able to admit that to yourself and be
willing to answer questions asked of you and provide the information
explicitly asked for.

What I and other helpers need you to do is to be patient and to not
screw around with it while dagnose your system while its in a known
but broken state.  It's hard enough remotely diagnosing a system even
when the system state is static.  The more actions you do on your own,
and the fewer questions you answer, the harder it is for us..the
people taking time out of our day..to help you unbreak your system.


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