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Re: Account, password problem with sqlplus in Oracle 10g(10201_companion_linux32)

I've installed Oracle 10g but not on Fedora 10. I don't think it is
supported on the Oracle Universal Installer.

I've done it on CentOS 5, following the directions provided on the
Oracle website for Linux installations. Oracle only supports a limited
Linux installation set. You need to follow their procedure to the
letter...in fact to the nybble...and that procedure is really specific
and with many steps. Go to the Oracle website and do it their way...it
will work. It will take you a couple days to get it done right, don't
expect a miracle 10-minute install. Do the installation on a machine you
can spare as a dedicated database server and don't use it for anything
else but an Oracle database server.

The name of the zip file you mention doesn't seem right. That seems like
an add on of some sort to 10g Release 2.


GMS S wrote:
> Hi,
> I installed Oracle 10g(10201_companion_linux32.zip).
> After extracting got companion directory.
> Installing going to that directory "/u01/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1/bin"
> I ran ./sqlplus command.
> But now I can't type the user name and password because everything is denied.
> When installing ,I selected companion option as I got an error selecting the Oralce 10g Database option.I was not prompted for account and password.
> There was an option during installation for
> i)Wschema
> ii)hostname
> iii)port
> iv)sid
> like this.
> Now what should I do?Is there any option for creating account and password?
> Can anyone tell? 
> I am using Fedora 10.
> Thanks 

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