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Re: Mount added drive -

Todd Denniston wrote:
Bob Goodwin wrote, On 02/26/2009 02:45 PM:

Now I'm stuck.  The simplest thing would be to reinstall the system but
bandwidth for updates is killing me. Wildblue is a satellite service and
I'm limited to 17 Gigs/30 days.  I hate to keep burning up my bw.

1) in /etc/yum.conf set keepcache=1
2) every so often copy the contents of /var/cache/yum/updates/packages/ (or if your on F9 /var/cache/yum/updates-newkey/packages/) to an external media (DVDs/USBHD). 3) when you have to reinstall you can copy the rpms back to the packages/ directory and yum will see them and know that it does not have to re download them. [it still has to get/extract the headers, but they are small.]

This is also a useful trick when you have several machines to update that are running nearly the same install, i.e., by copying packages/ from the first to later machines, the later machines only have to download the packages that the first machine was not running. :)

Ok, I did as yous suggested and it's running update for the third time! Hopefully I will be able to use those files on this computer which I will next upgrade from F-9 to 10.

I eventually got the other computer into a state where it would no longer boot. Apparently it wanted some files on the second drive and I had repartitioned it with fdisk. They were gone.

I had already wasted several days of my spare time trying to make it work and the most expeditious way out was a reinstall. I wanted to reduce the size of the XP partition anyway in addition to adding the second drive. Once I get things running I have a pata drive I want to add to the mix. I will have build up some nerve to do that!

Thanks all.


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