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Re: grub

Patrick Dupre wrote:
> Hi Mikkel,
> I am not sure about what you said.
> Even not saying root (), grub should find the image if device.map is
> correct ?
> Anyway, I tried what you said by setting root (hd1,4), but stil it does
> only find the image on hd0,7 !!
What I am saying is that the root directive must point to where the
kernel and initrd are on the disk. Do you have the
vmlinuz- kernel in the /boot directory on /dev/sdb5?

It might help if you post /etc/fstab of the new F7 install. You may
have a separate /boot partition, and that will change things. In any
case, when you update the kernel on either F7 install, you are going
to have an interesting time booting until you update then kernel on
the other one.

There are other ways to manage this, but lets take things one step
at a time and get what you are trying here working, and you
understanding what is going on.

One other point - you should really upgrade to a newer version - F9
or F10. F7 has not been supported for 6 months, and F8 is also
unsupported now.


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