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Re: grub

Patrick Dupre wrote:
> On Fri, 27 Feb 2009, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> Patrick Dupre wrote:
>>> Hi Mikkel,
>>> I am not sure about what you said.
>>> Even not saying root (), grub should find the image if device.map is
>>> correct ?
>>> Anyway, I tried what you said by setting root (hd1,4), but stil it does
>>> only find the image on hd0,7 !!
>> What I am saying is that the root directive must point to where the
>> kernel and initrd are on the disk. Do you have the
>> vmlinuz- kernel in the /boot directory on /dev/sdb5?
> I have the same /boot directory on both disks
> this is the fstab
> /dev/sdb5               /               ext3    defaults        1 1
> tmpfs                   /dev/shm        tmpfs   defaults        0 0
> devpts                  /dev/pts        devpts  gid=5,mode=620  0 0
> sysfs                   /sys            sysfs   defaults        0 0
> proc                    /proc           proc    defaults        0 0
> /dev/sdb6               /usr            ext3    defaults        1 2
> /dev/sdb10              /tmp            ext3    defaults        1 2
> /dev/sdb11              /home           ext3    defaults        1 2
> /dev/sdb9               /usr/src        ext3    defaults        1 2
> /dev/sdb7               /usr/lib        ext3    defaults        1 2
> /dev/sdb8               /usr/local      ext3    defaults        1 2
> /dev/sdb12              /iso-image      ext3    defaults        1 2
> /dev/sdb1               swap            swap    defaults        0 0
> /dev/fd0        /mnt/floppy             msdos,auto      noauto,owner
> /dev/sda6       /mnt/winnt-home         ntfs    umask=0222 0 0
Ok - take a look in /boot on the new install. What kernels and
initrds do you have in there? Is vmlinuz- in that
directory, along with initrd-
>> There are other ways to manage this, but lets take things one step
>> at a time and get what you are trying here working, and you
>> understanding what is going on.
>> One other point - you should really upgrade to a newer version - F9
>> or F10. F7 has not been supported for 6 months, and F8 is also
>> unsupported now.
> I will make the update, as soon as I will have understand what is going on.
That is fine - I will do my best to explain things. I hope I can
teach you what is going on. It can be confusing because the root you
tell Grub to use may be different from the root directory the kernel

> Ths grub version in FC10 is almost the same as in FC7
The main difference is the pretty screen you can use instead of
seeing what is going on.


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