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Re: How to set up wireless for text mode login

> I've got Fedora 10 on my home "server" with an old wireless B card
> installed. If I start X and run system-config-network I can successfully
> bring up the wireless network using Network Manager, so support for my
> wireless card is already built-in. But as soon as I "log off" and go
> back to run level 3 (I boot up in level 3 and start X by hand) it shuts
> down my wireless connection.
> I'd like to set this machine up so the wireless network comes up
> automatically at reboot. I've got the router set up with WPA2 and AES so
> I need to store the key somewhere. Are there good instructions for doing
> this somewhere?

I believe you can set up wpasupplicant to do this for you.

Mike Burger

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