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Re: lilo on serial consoles

Deboo ^ wrote:
> I'm trying to prepare to give some Linux tests and got a question that
> I am confused with, even after digging in to the serial howto and
> googling. Can somone give it a try?
> 2 to 4 seem important to me. 1 is the only option that seems not as
> important but then the alias is needed for ttyS0, right? So what could
> be the odd one out?
> Which one of the following is NOT necessary if you want to be able to
> use a serial connection to select a boot image from lilo, to view
> kernel and init output, and log in as root?
> 1. /etc/modules.conf: alias /dev/ttyS0 serial
> 2. /etc/lilo.conf: serial=0,115200n8
> 3. /etc/lilo.conf: append="console=ttyS0,115200n8"
> 4. /etc/securetty: ttyS0
> 5. /etc/inittab: TO:23:respawn:/sbin/getty -L ttyS0 115200 vt100
My, this must be an old howto. Modern kernels use modprobe.conf, not
modules.conf. And most distributions have gone to Grub instead of
LILO. In any case, line 1 is not only not needed, but is also in the
wrong format.

Now that I have given you the answer to your test question, I leave
it to you to figure out why it is the correct answer.


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