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Re: Install DVD

Aldo Foot wrote:
On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 9:57 AM, David Miller <david millersweb com> wrote:
I have started using Redhat about Redhat 4 and started using Fedora after
RedHat 9.
I am a little more than a casual user.  I develop embedded software and use
linux for my development platform but I don't develop linux code.
I currently have a fiber internet connection and downloads are normally
I went to http://fedoraproject.org/en/get-fedora-all and downloaded the
direct download for Fedora 10 and burned a DVD with K3B but the DVD would
not mount in my system.
I went back and downloaded the Bit Torrent and verified the sha1sum and then
burned another DVD with K3B and asked K3B to verify the write. All went well
until I tried to mount the DVD.
I get a popup with the following: Error
org.freedesktop.Hal.PermissionDenied.  Details Permission denied: Not in
active session.

I haven't seen this described any where else.  Can anyone give me a hand.

David Miller

A few releases back some people had the same problem and it
was related to ConsoleKit. A system update or restarting the
ConsoliKit  service would fix it.


Well I found out that I could see the DVD on a windows machine and that my daughters Fedora 8 machine could mount it just fine. I discovered that it is just my Fedora 7 machine that now doesn't see any DVD or CD when I put them in to mount. If I put it in the drive and boot the machine it will read it to do an install. My Fedora 7 machine has 2 drives in raid 0 and a bunch of stuff installed from yum. I haven't done an install on 8 or 9 because so much stuff has to be backed up and restored and I fear that doing an upgrade to 10 may have problems.

For now I would like to fix this problem. I am bringing up another machine that I will put Fedora 10 on and then transfer all my data. Then I can do a clean install on this machine.
A power down and power up didn't help the problem.
I use yumex all the time as a yum gui. It tells me that I have ConsloeKit, ConsoleKit-libs and ConsoleKit-x11 installed.
Do I need to get the rpm's and force a reinstall?


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