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Resizing NTFS partition to make room for FC10

I know this is a little off topic. I did google around looking for the correct forum to post this question but had little luck. If anyone can make an informed suggestion I'd very much appreciate it.

I have a 150GB ATA disk, /dev/hdb, containing winxp. I'd like to move the contents to an spare 80GB ATA disk, /dev/hda, to make room for a full install of FC10 on the larger disk in preparation for ultimately getting the winxp install running under a linux based VM.

From knoppix, I started by using ntfsresize to shrink the xp partition down to 20GB. That worked suprisingly fine. I then installed the smaller drive and used dd to copy over the image of the xp installation: dd if=/dev/hdb of=/dev/hda bs=10000000 count=2000

I rebooted and voila! it worked - sort of. The new disk boots xp but it still, according to fdisk, thinks its 150GB. So I used fdisk to delete and redefine the xp partition (primary, bootable type=7) with the new size of the drive, 20GB. After rebooting xp came up but then started quickly blue screening a message I couldn't read, and rebooting. This repeated in a loop until I just rebooted. I tried the whole process over again but this time specified 80GB to dd and fdisk, same disaster.

I tried everything again, but this time instead of fdisk I fired up gparted to see if I could resize from there hoping that if it could some magic would also fix the invalid sizing detected by fdisk. gparted could see the drive but couldn't recognize it as having anything it could work with. I highlighted the drive and the progress bar stayed gray.

So far it seems I can use the drive this way without causing xp any problems. The issue is things just don't look right and I suspect it will come back to bite me one day. I'm not an expert at manipulating bits on a hard drive just yet. Could someone point me to my error? Is what I'm trying do-able? If its a conceptual problem a little education would come in handy too.

Thanks in advance - Tod

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