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linkage problem?


Now running F10.  When I click on a link in an email that would normally go to 
firefox, it is starting a fresh copy even though there is a copy running on 
another window, AND it is opening two tabs of the new invocation in the new 
copy of firefox, which of course opens on top of the window kmail is running 

When I was running F8, kmail simply handed the link to whatever firefox that 
was running as it could just as easily been 

I note that in kontrol->file associations, there are often 2 copies of 
firefox, presumably because when F10 installed itself, it installed 3.0.4 
alongside the 3.0.6 install.  I had yum remove the 3.0.4 version and then 
relinked /usr/lib/firefox/firefox (the 3.0.6 install) to /usr/sbin/firefox 
which I believe was the previous setup.

Any idea where to go looking for this?  It is a bit of a PIMA.

Thanks all.

Cheers, Gene
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