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Re: Install DVD

On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 11:57 AM, David Miller <david millersweb com> wrote:
> Well I found out that I could see the DVD on a windows machine and that my
> daughters Fedora 8 machine could mount it just fine.  I discovered that it
> is just my Fedora 7 machine that now doesn't see any DVD or CD when I put
> them in to mount. If I put it in the drive and boot the machine it will read
> it to do an install.
> My Fedora 7 machine has 2 drives in raid 0 and a bunch of stuff installed
> from yum.  I haven't done an install on 8 or 9 because so much stuff has to
> be backed up and restored and  I fear that doing an upgrade to 10 may have
> problems.
> For now I would like to fix this problem.  I am bringing up another machine
> that I will put Fedora 10 on and then transfer all my data.  Then I can do a
> clean install on this machine.
> A power down and power up didn't help the problem.
> I use yumex all the time as a yum gui.  It tells me that I have ConsloeKit,
> ConsoleKit-libs and ConsoleKit-x11 installed.
> Do I need to get the rpm's and force a reinstall?
> David

Is the ConsoleKit service running? If it is then
at the CLI do "service ConsoleKit restart" and try again.
Use chkconfig to have the service start automatically when the system boots.

The issue was a bug directly related to F7.
Take a look at this to learn about ConsoleKit.

I personally don't like to force rpms to install.

Upgrading to F10 will be better, it will take time.


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