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Re: fedora 10 can't get past boot menu

Don Raikes wrote:
I have had fedora 10 running fine for several weeks. Over the
Can you installing any updates ?

weekend, I noticed that there was an error message displayed on the
console something about a general protection error.
In windows, that sometime meant a fan was failing, or something overheating, any chance of that.

Everything was locked up, so I performed a hard reboot of the system.
Now The system gets to the grub boot menu, but at that point, I can't
do anything. The keyboard does not respond at all.
Type of keyboard (usb, ps2) ?
So escape doesn't work ?
Do the keyboard leds flash during power on ?

Can you get into bios with del or whatever key gets you into that ?

Could you try your keyboard on another machine, and another machine's keyboard on your machine ?

The system is configured to boot to level 3 (console) because I am a
How about level 1 to try some recovery ?  [guess not if no keyboard action].


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