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Re: Unrecognized Hard Drive

Robert Nichols:
> Jorge Luis wrote:
>> I have a 200 MiB Maxtor HD that isn't being seen by the OS.  I have it plugged
>> into the system through an EIDE/USB converter hub.  It appears that the drive
>> isn't recognized, but the hub device is.
> Was the drive powered up and ready when you plugged the converter into
> the USB port?  The scan is performed when the new USB connection is
> seen, and if you want the drive to be seen it has to be ready at that
> time.  There's probably a way to force a re-scan later, but I don't
> know what that might be.


Thanks for the tip.  I've actually tried the sequence you recommend, without

Barring a very lucky attempt to fdisk the drive, I'm afraid I'm pretty much
screwed.  I believe the drive failed when I bailed out of a GRUB configuration
in the middle of the operation.  I hope I didn't damage any of the drive's
native electronics or the resident software that's written to a small hidden



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