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Re: Unrecognized Hard Drive

Jorge Luis wrote:
> Barring a very lucky attempt to fdisk the drive, I'm afraid I'm pretty much
> screwed.  I believe the drive failed when I bailed out of a GRUB configuration
> in the middle of the operation.  I hope I didn't damage any of the drive's
> native electronics or the resident software that's written to a small hidden
> partition.
Grub will not damage the drive electronics, or wipe out any firmware
the drive may have. (Accessing the firmware requires special
commands.) Now, you may have wiped out the partition table, and boot
sector. This would not prevent you from using fdisk or parted on the

Fdisk may have problems with the size of the drive. (Look at the
bugs section of the fdisk man page...) It does not do well with
large partitions. You are better off using parted.


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