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Re: Network changing from eth0 to eth1

Nat Gross wrote:
> Thanks for this post, it helped me a bit, but I still have nameserver problem.
> Yesterday my [only]nic in a 32 bit fc8 box blew. When I replaced it,
> it insisted to be eth1 and gave me eth0 errors when booting. I did an
> ifconfig 192.168.... and had eth1 up and running.
> No sweat, I thought. But although nfs clients were able to access
> their nfs mounts, firefox can't lookup a dns entry. Also, since this
> box is running squid, clients of squid can't access websites. The
> /etc/resolv.conf is ok.
> Also my firestarter firewall refused to start (obviously set up on eth0).
> So, my goal this morning was to get it back to eth0 only, and not
> worry about who-knows-what might have a problem with the subtle eth1
> switch. I was happy to find your post, when goggling my gmail.
> I deleted the /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules file and do
> not have any ifcfg-eth* files.
> The good news is that now it sees it as eth0. But I still have to do
> the ifconfig manually at boot and more importantly firefox cant
> resolve a dns, although /etc/resolve.conf is ok.
If you are looking in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts for ifcfg-eth0,
and not finding it, they you are probably using NetworkManager to
manage the interface. You may have to configure it again. (If you
looked in the wrong place, make sure ifcfg-eth0 has "ONBOOT=yes".)


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