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Re: Unrecognized Hard Drive

Jorge Luis wrote:
> Mikkel L. Ellertson:
>> Jorge Luis wrote:
>>> Barring a very lucky attempt to fdisk the drive, I'm afraid I'm pretty much
>>> screwed.  I believe the drive failed when I bailed out of a GRUB configuration
>>> in the middle of the operation.  I hope I didn't damage any of the drive's
>>> native electronics or the resident software that's written to a small hidden
>>> partition.
>> Grub will not damage the drive electronics, or wipe out any firmware
>> the drive may have. (Accessing the firmware requires special
>> commands.) Now, you may have wiped out the partition table, and boot
>> sector. This would not prevent you from using fdisk or parted on the
>> drive.
>> Fdisk may have problems with the size of the drive. (Look at the
>> bugs section of the fdisk man page...) It does not do well with
>> large partitions. You are better off using parted.
> Nothing detects the drive, whether connected via the USB converter or plugged
> into the computer's EIDE ribbon cables.  Same story with parted, gparted,
> fdisk, et al.--they simply don't see the drive.  I don't think there's any way
> to restore the partition table.  dmesg and the kernel messages log seem to
> indicate that the drive is there (see previous posts), but I can't work with
> it unless the drive is registered with the system.
> The drive can be jumpered to set the capacity limit to a size that shouldn't
> make for any problems with legacy software.  It doesn't make a difference.
> I'd guess my partition table is hosed.
> TIA,
>     JL
What happens if you run "fdisk /dev/sdd" or "parted /dev/sdd"? (You
have to run them as root...) Do they produce an error message, or do
they just not show a partition table? The fix for a "hosed"
partition table is to use fdisk or parted to create a new one.


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