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Re: Unrecognized Hard Drive

Jorge Luis wrote:
> No matter how the drive is jumpered--cable-select, primary, or slave (in the
> last instance, with the drive taking the secondary place on the primary EIDE
> ribbon)--the introduction of the drive locks up the computer. The machine
> halts just after the memory POST; from there, there's no way to get to the
> BIOS screens.  It detects a legacy setting for USB storage and recognizes my
> precious IBM Model M as a legacy device and then stops cold.  It's impossible
> to tell whether the BIOS recognizes the drive.  There's no way into the BIOS
> screens, which are normally available after the POST by <F2>.  The boot chain
> (at <F12>) is similarly unavailable.
This puts a different light on the problem. This sure sounds like a
hardware problem. Did someone drop the drive, or try and hot plug it?


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